punktor 10.10.2012 - nowe zdjęcia "szczeniaków"

córeczka Travisa - Albanik Starlight Girl

Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok na wakacjach

Alfa Tauri Toby Junior


punktor 16.09.2012 - Fresh photos of Travis' daughters - Albanik Scarlett O"Hara oraz Albanik Sofi Gold Line - 10 months old; moreover Sindi (Albanik Scarlet O'Hara) at the Ukrainian dogs show got Best Junior and Best of Breed - huge congrats Elena!


punktor 03.09.2012 - We got new photos of our pups - Alfa Tauri Tyler Evans and Alfa Tauri Toby Junior

punktor 22.08.2012 - we got fresh photos of Travis' little daughter and son - both 9 months old

ALBANIK Scarlett O"Hara

ALBANIK So Perfect


punktor 11.08.2012 - at the international dog show in Sopocie a little success - our dogs got: Travis 1st and CWC, Linda 2nd and resCACIB, Shaq 3rd place. A few photos from the show.





punktor 24.07.2012 - We got new photos of our Travis' daughter - Albanik SOFI GOLD LINE - 8 months old, lives in Ukraine


punktor 30.06.2012 - We got new photos of 3 years old Alfa Tauri Thomas Luthi oraz Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok


punktor 08.06.2012 - we got Shaq's X-ray results from dr Siembieda (Wrocław, Poland, nr 822/2012). His hips and elbows are healthy, in perfect condition and the result is HD-A and ED-0/0. We also checked his knees and patellas which are healthy and Travis is not threatened by patellar luxation and the result is PL-0/0
punktor 22.04.2012 - Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) took part in Obedience competition, for the first time in class 1. The judge like his expression and energy a lot. Huge congrats, Piotr!
Piotr and Lolek during the competition can be seen here ...
punktor 20.04.2012 - Shela (Albanik, Ukraine) - 5 months old daughter of our Travis


punktor 20.03.2012 - We got new photos of our pups - almost 3 years old Alfa Tauri Toby Junior and Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok



punktor 15.01.2012 - Travisa at the national dog show in Gdańsk got CWC, BOS and Best of Breed; it was a nice gift for his mum's Linda birthday - she is 6 years old now



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