punktor 11.12.2010 - Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) the hero of educational leaflets for children prepared by Foundation "Pies dla Stasia".


punktor 6.12.2010 - this day Alfa Tauri Travis Pastrana got "stud dog" and became full ZKwP and FCI status ...more
punktor 10.11.2010 - Santiago sent the photos of Tommy (Alfa Tauri Thomas Luthi). We are very glad of him.


punktor 22.10.2010 - James from France sent Evans photos (Alfa Tauri Tyler Evans). The sweet little thing grows beautifully and we are very glad.


punktor 19.10.2010 - Marko from Finland sent the photos of Budi (Alfa Tauri Troy Corser). Thank you very much and we are very glad and proud of little Budi.


punktor 14.10.2010 - we got the diploma of Polish Junior Champion for our little Travis.
punktor 10.10.2010 - at the international show in Rostock Alfa Tauri Tom Sykes took 2nd place and excellent note. Huge congrats Steffen!


punktor 12.09.2010 - we got the diploma of Lithuanian Youth Champion for our little Travis. More over Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok visited us; little Trolik grows beautifully


punktor 28-29.08.2010 - Białystok - at the national terier and the international dog show, for the first time in the intermediate class, Travis gets 1 places twice and 2 CACs, starting his way to Polish Champion title
punktor 21-22.08.2010 - Toruń - at the national terrier dogshow Travis took 2nd place; at the national on Sunday Travis took 1st place and became Best Junior what allowed him finishing Polish Junior Champion

Travis - Toruń, 21.08.2010

punktor 14-15.08.2010 - Sopot - we shew all dogs at the international dogshow; Travis took 1st place and got Best Junior, the next after at 2nd place was (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior), in champion classes Shaq took 3rd place and Linda was 1st and got resCACIB.
On Sunday, at the obedience competition, 0 class, Lolek took 4th place. Huge congrats Piotr! Video here ...

Travis & Lolek - Sopot, 14.08.2010

punktor Druskininku, Lithuania - 8.08.2008 - Lithuanian Club of Bulterrier  - Travis gets Best Junior and Lithuanian Club of Bulterrier Junior Winner, at BIS Junior takes 2nd place footage...

punktor Druskininku, Lithuania - 8.08.2008 - Lithuanian Club of AST & SBT - Travis gets Best Junior again and finishes Lithuanian Junior Champion title, becomes Lithuanian Club of AST & SBT Junior Winner, Shaq 2nd fotorelacja
punktor Druskininku, Lithuania - 7.08.2008 - "Druskininku Cup' 2010" international - Travis gets Best Junior again and "Druskininku Cup Junior Winner 2010" title, Shaq 2nd again fotorelacja
punktor Druskininku, Lithuania - 6.08.2008 - "Dzukija Summer' 2010" international show - Travis gets Best Junior, "Dzukija Summer Junior Winner 2010" title and starts Lithuanian Junior Champion, Shaq takes 2nd in champion class fotorelacja
punktor 1.08.2010 - at national dog show in Chojnice Travis got 1st place and the Best Junior of Breed beginning his Polish Junior Champion title
punktor 18.07.2010 - at national dogshow in Gdynia our Travis took 1 place in junior class with excellent note; the day before Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) took part at obedience competition in Warsaw and was 6 (24 dogs in group). Huge congrats Piotr!
punktor 11.07.2010 - at the international dogshow in Warsaw, Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) got 4 place, and came to see our sea. Photos from the family meeting with his mum Linda, uncle Shaq and bro Travis at Agnieszka's catalogue. Than you very much for the walk and visit!
punktor 13.06.2010 - at national show in Lublin Alfa Tauri Toby Junior (Lolek) wins Best Male Junior again; we went to see our friends at II Baltic Agility Competition in Sopot, footage...

punktor 12.06.2010 - at the national dog show in Douai (Francja), in junior class at his début, Alfa Tauri Tyler Evans took 1 place and got excellent note. Congrats James!

punktor 6.06.2010 - at international show in Neumünster (Germany), in junior class, Alfa Tauri Tom Sykes gets 1 place and excellent note. Congrats Steffen!
punktor 9.06.2010 - we added new photos the the gallery - everyday life January - May 2010...


punktor 30.05.2010 - at the national dog show in Płock, Alfa Tauri Toby Junior (Lolek) took I place in junior class starting Polish Junior Champion and got Best Junior of the Breed title. Congrats Agnieszka!
punktor 16.05.2010 - our "little boys" are 1 year old; we wish both - owners and the pups - a lot of years together with life full of play and pleasure.
punktor 15.05.2010 - this day Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) took part in Polish Cup Obedience Competition, took IV place and excellent note and got the prize for the youngest participant. Huge congrats Piotr! More about the competition at Lolek's blog.
punktor 3.05.2010 - at the I OBEDIENCE COMPETITION OF POMOCNA ŁAPA, at his début, Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) among 11 dogs in his class took I place and got 99/100 points. Huge congrats Piotr - we know how much effort it costs to have stafford on the ground :)
Movie from the competition at Lolek's blog.

punktor 1.05.2010 - at the international dogshow in Łódź, Alfa Tauri Toby Junior got III place with excellent note and wonderfull desription. The judge was delighted by Lolek's temperament. Agnieszka and Piotr - huge congrats!


We got fresh photos of Alfa Tauri Tyler Evans.

punktor 11.04.2010 - at the international dog show in Dresden (Germany), in junior class, 11 months old Alfa Tauri Tom Sykes had his debut and got II place among 6 dogs in the class, with excellent note. Congratulations Steffen!
Below Alfa Tauri Tom Sykes.


punktor 6.04.2010 - we got Linda's X-ray results from dr Siembieda (Wrocław, Poland). Her hips and elbows are healthy, in perfect condition and the result is HD-A and ED-0/0. We also checked knees and patellas and they are healthy and Linda is not threatened by patellar luxation and the result is PL-0/0.
punktor 9.03.2010 - fresh photos of 9 moths old Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok


punktor 24.02.2010 - Linda's title of the Champion International de Beaute is confirmed - diploma
punktor 7.02.2010 - Gdynia - Travis was examined against PHPV and PHVTL (the most common Stafford's' diseases) and he is free of them. He is also free of cataract, RD (retinal dysplasia), hypoplasia, collies eye, PRA, lens luxation and entropium or ectropium.
punktor 7.02.2010 - we got new photos of our 8 months old pups
- below Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok & Alfa Tauri Tom Sykes.



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