punktor 13.12.2011 - Travis' babies 3 weeks old


punktor 22.11.2011 - Travis (Alfa Tauri Travis Pastrana) became daddy, in Albanik Kennel (Ukraine) 8 puppies: 6 girls and 2 boys were born. We are very proud of our sweet little Travis - he did a great job


punktor 30.10.2011 - Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) ćwiczy odkładanie nagrody w rozproszeniach do obedience


punktor 23.10.2011 - we got new photos of Pablo vel Tommy (Alfa Tauri Thomas Luthi)

Alfa Taur Toby Junior

punktor 09.10.2011 - at the international show in Rostock (D) Alfa Tauri Tom Sykes got 1 place and CAC for VDH Champion
punktor 04.10.2011 - Piotr and Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) in No 6/2011 of Weranda Country magazine started series of articles "How to raise a dog" zobacz...
punktor 30.09.2011 - training with Nina Bondarenko "The Development of Behaviour, Cognition and Training in Dogs" and typical walk at MX


punktor 23.09.2011 - Linda official Champion of Lithuania see the diploma...
punktor 11.09.2011 - Travis and Shaq got very nice notes at KWTTB in Warsaw
punktor 3-4.09.2011 - at dogshows in Kaunas (Lithuania) on the 1 day Travis and Shaq got I places, when Linda got CAC and finished Champion of Lithuania title. On the next day Travis and Shaq got CACs as well but Shaq won BOS, while Linda got CAC, BOS and Best of Breed.


punktor 01.09.2011 - we got Travis' X-ray results from dr Siembieda (Wrocław, Poland, nr 1203/2011). His hips and elbows are healthy, in perfect condition and the result is HD-A and ED-0/0. We also checked his knees and patellas which are healthy and Travis is not threatened by patellar luxation and the result is PL-0/0
punktor 27.08.2011 - fresh photos of "puppies" from "T" litter - Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) oraz Trolik (Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok)

Alfa Taur Toby Junior

Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok

punktor 13.08.2011 - at the international dogshow in Sopot Travis (Alfa Tauri Travis Pastrana) got 2 place and resCACIB.
punktor 17.07.2011 - at the international dogshow in Warsaw Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) got 2 place and excellent.


punktor 16.07.2011 - in video section a few movies were added...
punktor 23-26.06.2011 - all our dogs took part in training dogcamp organized by CanisSapiens dedicated to tracking and obedience; we came back tired but very happy, and staffies got the first places in competitions organized on the end day.


punktor 12.06.2011 - 2-years old Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior), at the national dog show in Lublin got 1 place, CAC and BOS begginning the Polish Champion. Congrats Agnieszka!


punktor 02.06.2011 - officially our little Travis (Alfa Tauri Travis Pastrana) is Champion of Poland diploma...
punktor 30.05.2011 - otrzymaliśmy nowe zdjęcia Trolika (Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok) - 2 lata.


punktor 20.05.2011 - we regret to say that tests confirmed our fears - we won't have puppies after Valglo Albertini and Linda. This is really sad for us.
punktor 16.04.2011 - at the national dogshow in Grudziądz our little Travis at 23 months old got BOB and CAC and finished Polish Champion title
punktor 23-26.03.2009 - visit at Valglo (England) - during these days we were at Valglo kennel where a few staffords live; but the most important was legendary Valglo Albertini, which was chosen as a stud.
We would like to thank Mandy and Val Pickett for their hospitality - footage from our trip


punktor 16.03.2011 - on 19 of March 2011 Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) and "DOGadajcie się" school invite to take a part in meeting at  Pola Mokotowskie in Warsaw, see the invitation...
punktor 01.03.2011 - we got new photos of Tommy (Alfa Tauri Thomas Luthi) - 22 months old


punktor 7.02.2011 - the newest photo of our little Travis (Alfa Tauri Travis Pastrana), 20 months old now, mummy Linda behind :)


punktor 29.01.2011 - fresher photo of Trolik (Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok) - 20 months old

punktor 27.01.2011 - Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) fresh photo.


punktor 20.01.2011 - in Polish dog magazine Przyjeciel Pies we can read the story of Agnieszka and Piotr, and their stafford Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior).


punktor 16.01.2011 - at the national dogshow in Gdańsk we showed all our dogs: Alfa Tauri Travis Pastrana - CAC; Human Dogs Shaquille O'Neil - CAC; and Human Dogs Linda Evangelista - CAC and Best Bitch. We are very glad and proud! A few photos from the show in the gallery ... see


punktor 06.01.2011 - we got fresh photos of Trolik (Alfa Tauri Tanel Leok).




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