punktor 30.12.2009 - we got our three pups fresh photos:

the youngest Alfa Tauri Tomas Luthi living in Vilnius

    the sweetest Alfa Tauri Troy Corser living in Helsinki

    and the most crazy Alfa Tauri Tyler Evans from France

    Thank you very much Santiago, Marko and James!
punktor 16.11.2009 - we got a fresh photo of little Tom (Alfa Tauri Tom Sykes) which lives in Germany - thank you Steffen!


punktor 13.11.2009 - we got the video where Lolek (Alfa Tauri Toby Junior) practiced to Obedience - see ...
punktor Riga, Latvia - 31.10-1.11.2009 - 2x international and 1x club - once again we visited Baltic countries and came back very happy.
Travis on the club show has show debut and got Best Baby and III BIS Baby&Puppy.
at all show was the best and got 1st places, during competitions received 2x CAC and 2x resCACIB beginning Latvian Champion.
Linda begun Latvian Champion also, got 2x CAC. More over on Sunday she received CACIB and finished Interchampion footage
punktor Białystok - 30.08.2009 - international - Shaq took 1st place in open class and got CWC - it allowed finnishing Polish Champion; Linda just after 3,5 months after pups got CWC in champion class and became Best of Sex and got CACIB
punktor Toruń - 23.08.2009 - national - Shaq took 3rd place
punktor Gdynia - 19.07.2009 - national - Shaq in open class took 1st place and got CWC
punktor 21.06.2009 - results of Polish Bull Type Terrier Club Annual Competition.
Linda - Top Stafford Bitch 2008;
Shaq - vice Top Stafford 2008.
punktor 16.05.2009 - 7 beautiful boys were born. We are very happy and proud of our first litter
punktor Dobre Miasto - 1.05.2009 - national - Shaq took 1st place and got CWC
punktor Inowrocław - 19.04.2009 - national - Shaq took 2nd place

punktor Katowice - 20.03.2009 - international - both dogs took 2nd place - Shaq in intermediate class, Linda in champions
punktor 11-16.03.2009 - visit at Odenstaff (England) - mainly to cover our beloved Linda we went 4000 km to visit Odenstaff Kennel where a few staffords live; but the most important was Valglo Voo Doo, which was chosen as a stud.
We would like to thank Wendy and Ian O'Donnel for hospitality - footage from our trip
punktor Bydgoszcz - 15.02.2009 - national - Shaq gets 3rd place and Linda wins Best of Sex
punktor Rzeszów - 7.02.2009 - international dog show - wonderful ly started season. Shaq wins open class and starts Polish champion with big CWC; Linda is the first in champion class, wins CWC, becomes the Best Adult Bitch and receives CACIB. This is her third CACIB and she need four to get Interchampion - footage

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